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Strategic Design

The preparatory work for the implementation of a SRM solution is critical for project success and its subsequent efficiency. We help you to define accurately the objectives and the suitable target processes. At the same time, you set the foundation for effective supplier management in terms of a SRM roadmap.

The Foundation for a Successful Project

Designing a project and ensuring that your demands are expressed is crucial for a perfect solution. Before implementing POOL4TOOL, we offer services to define target processes based on the capabilities of POOL4TOOL. To do this, we use our expert experience, which is a result of a variety of projects. The savings calculated are used for ROI calculations. With a designed strategy we then create a business blueprint. We also take into account technical questions about integration and issues regarding security. We partner with you to create project objectives and achieve them in a measurable way.

A sustainable increase of internal communication and cooperation and an improvement in sales and procurement are the goal of the developed strategy design.