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User Management and Authentication

Meaningful handling of sensitive data as well as the clean management of user data and rights are core competencies for us. POOL4TOOL offers several options for user management and authentication of users.

By default, POOL4TOOL manages all users and handles the authentication and rights of users. This is particularly suitable for small and mid-sized companies, where connecting a certain amount of users may come with an expensive price tag. 

The first step here is the integration with an existing directory server (LDAP, Microsoft Active Directory, etc.). This is an important step from a compliance point of view. If you want even further integration, you can also load user roles mapping directly from the server and assign the users automatically. 

If you company already has a SSO (Single Sign On) Strategy, we can also help with this using standards such as Kerberos, NTLM, SAP Logon Tickets or corresponding in-house developments.