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SAP Competence Center | Interfaces

All existing SAP interfaces are serviced and continuously developed further on POOL4TOOL’s own demonstration and development system by our employees at the SAP Competence Center. This way, we ensure that POOL4TOOL’s projects can also be realized independent of the availability of your IT department. Furthermore, a proper Exchange Infrastructure (XI) is available for our SAP team.

Below you will find a summary of our available interfaces:

Material Synchronization

Through this interface, the transfer of material master data from SAP to POOL4TOOL is carried out. Using various selection criteria of our proprietarily developed selection report, all relevant material master data are transferred from SAP to POOL4TOOL. Through the use of Change Pointers, only the updated material master data are transferred through /P4T/material IDocs.

Supplier Master Data Synchronization (bidirectional)

The complete functionality of SAP’s Master Data Management is illustrated in POOL4TOOL. All general values, accounting area values and purchasing group specific values can be edited. In the same view, all additional fields from supplier registration are available for the approval workflow. Because of this, data structuring as in SAP is possible; the handling, however, is carried out through a user interface, and the usability is superior to that of SAP. With the completion of the last workflow step by an SAP user, the creditor data is transferred to SAP and registered there.

Supplier Scorecard

For the Supplier Scorecard (supplier performance rating) you can automatically import data (hard facts) from ERP systems such as SAP, or from reporting tools such as SAP BW and SAP BI, or other SQL databases. In doing so, both the original documents as well as the summarized data in POOL4TOOL can be saved. The supplier can get access at any time to detailed data. For example, in the case of insufficient performance, the supplier can view the reasons for the negative evaluation (i.e., the individual deliveries). The supplier scorecard is fully SAP integrated.


If you would like to run POOL4TOOL’s eProcurement module with SAP integration, you will get everything from our one-stop shop. This includes several interfaces for the automatic adjustment of cost centers, cost units (projects, contracts), orders and goods receipts.

POOL4TOOL PREQ allows you to enter the purchase requisition and at any work station, even without registering an SAP user in the system. The purchase requisition is transferred through a special SAP interface to SAP, and the current status of the purchase requisition is updated in POOL4TOOL so that the requestor can view the status of his/her purchase requisition.


Via the quality interface, quality messages from the task bar are transferred to POOL4TOOL. All measurements that the supplier has entered are transmitted and updated to SAP. As a reaction to a measurement also additional data can be transferred, e.g. inspection lots.