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SAP Competence Center | POOL4TOOL Developments for SAP

For the systematic expansion and further development of current and new SAP interfaces, the SAP Competence Center has a separate SAP development and demo system. Through this, (new) developments in the SAP environment can be tested beforehand in our own demo system as an integrated component of POOL4TOOL. This allows early integration and process tests before the implementation of POOL4TOOL in your SAP system so that the developments are quickly adaptable to your system and errors can be avoided in advance.

In order to avoid collisions with customer-proprietary developments, the SAP Competence Center uses a separate SAP namespace (“/P4T/”) for all POOL4TOOL developments. These developments, encapsulated in transfer orders, can be sent to your SAP system and adapted if necessary. Depending on the POOL4TOOL processes that you employ, the appropriate transfer orders are rolled out. 

The following POOL4TOOL proprietary developments and products for SAP are available for you:

POOL4TOOL Supplier Self-Services Rel. 1.1

With POOL4TOOL Supplier Self Services based on the latest SAP standards, your purchasing processes are substantially streamlined. Both purchasers and suppliers can optimize their processes and thus profit from the cost savings associated with this. The solution was developed completely on the basis of SAP NetWeaver and is certified by SAP. POOL4TOOL is an official ISV (Independent Software Vendor) partner of SAP. POOL4TOOL’s Supplier Self Services can be completely integrated into SAP Enterprise Portal and are thus entitled to bear the logo "SAP Certified – Powered by SAP NetWeaver."


With the help of POOL4TOOL’s EDI Clearing, suppliers can provide information without needing to register via WebEDI at the customer portal. The data from your SAP system is forwarded through POOL4TOOL to your supplier. So POOL4TOOL can provide orders to the suppliers in, for example, EDIFACT, Odette and VDA. The corresponding order confirmations and/or dispatch notifications are processed the same way into your SAP system.

POOL4TOOL Cockpit for SAP

POOL4TOOL Cockpit illustrates all of POOL4TOOL’s user functions in SAP in an overview. With this, you can launch all processes in your familiar SAP environment, as well as access and start specific POOL4TOOL processes such as supplier and material synchronization and the Enterprise Process Monitor from there. Furthermore, you can thus access POOL4TOOL directly from your SAP system and individually customize the Cockpit with your favorite transactions.

POOL4TOOL Enterprise Process Monitor for SAP

As the only SRM Solution on the market, POOL4TOOL enables synchronous IDoc Monitoring throughout your specialty departments. Communication between SAP and other systems usually proceeds asynchronically, i.e., the user does not receive a confirmation of the correct posting of an IDoc, and thus has no certainty of whether a process has been successfully completed or not. This problem is solved by POOL4TOOL’s Enterprise Process Monitor for SAP by sending an automatic answer  from POOL4TOOL back to SAP as soon as the IDoc has been processed. Alike, for all POOL4TOOL IDocs which process data in SAP  the system sends back status messages to POOL4TOOL. This way, automatized, synchronous IDoc monitoring is enabled, through which manual efforts on the part of IT are completely omitted. Using the clear status monitor, you always keep the complete process of your IDoc communication in view, and you can determine, through a freely configurable user interface, which employee should receive a notification in the case of which event. With this, end-to-end business processes  (POOL4TOOL <-> SAP) can be completely monitored.

Like SAP’s IDoc Monitor, POOL4TOOL’s Enterprise Process Monitor is based on the processing of IDocs, but with the difference that business processes can be monitored from a technical perspective. This means high usability for the specialty department as it does not depend on the help of their IT colleagues. Incorrect inquiries, offers, orders, order confirmations, complaints and 8D reports can thus be analyzed in a simple way.

POOL4TOOL Enterprise Service Repository for SAP

POOL4TOOL Enterprise Service Repository (ESR) contains a number of intelligent services to retrieve on-demand information which is started from POOL4TOOL and sent back from SAP. The Repository contains frequently-used, predefined standard processes, such as price and stock inquiries, goods receipt documents, invoices and the like. With the implementation of ESR in POOL4TOOL, a standard interface was created for several services in order to transfer data from SAP into the supplier portal if needed. The underlying technology is based on the latest standards, and uses SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) and Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML). Users in the specialty department as well as suppliers thus receive the information inquired quickly through the ESR directly in POOL4TOOL and profit from the immediate availability of the data. Not all mass data needs to be transferred from SAP, thus saving time and money.