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ERP Integrated and Solution Oriented

POOL4TOOL is specialized to enable systems to easily communicate with each other. We offer the highest level of ERP integration when compared with our competitors. Thus the processes we are implementing are fully integrated. Many of our clients are using our solution in their heterogeneous IT landscape with different systems and almost all projects are fully integrated with the client's ERP system using appropriate interfaces. Our advantage is that we are able to represent complex business processes. Multi-ERP integration is not an isolated case. For this connection to SAP, our own SAP Competence Center is available to you, consisting of experts with many years of SAP expertise. 

POOL4TOOL SAP Competence Center

A high level of SAP integration is our strength, by which we differentiate ourselves from the competition immensely. The POOL4TOOL SAP Competence Center combines our SAP expertise with the focus on the MM and QB modules as well as the technical integration and interface customizing. Due to their many years of experience in the SAP environment, our employees fit the existing SAP modules and eAI tools (BC, XI, PI, etc.) to meet your requirements and also set customized processes to your needs. See More

BaaN, Navision, Infor

In addition to the integration of POOL4TOOL in SAP landscapes, we also offer standard interfaces of successful integration projects with other ERP systems (BaaN, Navision, Infor, etc.). POOL4TOL operates in cooperation with development partners, such as with Navax for the interface for Navision. Because of the successful collaboration with Berghof Systems, POOL4TOOL now offers standard interfaces for PSIpenta customers. We are happy to check your requirements and see the technical possibilities available to you. 


Many companies are using more than one ERP system. With POOL4TOOL multi-ERP integration is possible and made simple and efficient. You have the option to consolidate your data from several different ERP systems and thus subsequently improve your master data management and quality.