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Product Development Process

Early Process Integration of Purchasing

For successful implementation of corporate strategy, it is advantageous to involve procurement early on in the development process of new products. Then the focus of development is within the scope of functionality and rapid production of the product. Early integration of procurement and cost aspects relating to the selection of suppliers is sufficiently taken into account with product development. With POOL4TOOL the needs of global product development can be uniquely merged with procurement calculations. 

Due to the modular design of the solution, the combination of individual processes and central availability of information, POOL4TOOL supports the platform strategy frequently used in the automotive industry. This aims to build on a basic model with defined technical specifications to handle variations. If technical components are used in multiple modules, development costs will decrease - per module. Once a part, for example, has been requested, it will go in a catalog and be available in all modules. This saves time, since the good does not have to be recreated in the system. 

The heart of many product development processes is cost planning. Because of this, POOL4TOOL directly integrates product costing into project management. Bills of materials, variants and versions can easily be exchanged with SAP and PLM systems and the lists will be enhanced. The uniform calculation basis helps identify cost drivers and speeds up development processes significantly. Gearing of individual modules allows accurate cost planning early on in the development stage. Through use of RFQs actual price information flows together with product costing. From the design phase onwards - dates and product costs must be fully tracked. Product Lifecycle Costing (PLC) is the only software on the market available as a web solution, which allows you to oversee and control all costs up until the end of production (EOP). 

What Sets us Apart

  • Early involvement of procurement in the product development process
  • Combined time and cost planning 
  • Deep supplier integration via RFQ
  • Increased calculation accuracy and predictability 
  • Platform strategy support via the eProcurement module