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All-in-One Supply Collaboration Platform

We believe in the efficiency of integrated processes. Therefore, we have – unlike other providers – never developed simply just IT tools, but always developed this as a part of a larger whole. As pioneers of electronic procurement, we chose the right path many years ago and cultivated the processes of modern, commodity-specific shopping with that of operational procurement – all in a single solution.

Our All-in-One Supply Collaboration Platform, based on four pillars, covers all major areas of purchasing:

Strategic Purchasing

Design and Rollout of Lead Buyer Concept

In addition to the selection of suppliers and supplier development, modern category strategy consists of many additional criteria, such as bundling strategies, logistical involvement, and evaluation criteria for the supplier ratings. POOL4TOOL ensures the global implementation of these strategies and connects and involves the local buyer and project buyers with the Engineering, Logistics and Quality Management departments. See more on Strategic Purchasing

Operative Process Optimization

Operative Process Optimization using WebEDI/EDI

A streamlined supply chain with optimized logistics processes, such as advanced shipping notification, including label printing or VMI is only possible with the electronic exchange of data. Over 60% of our customers are optimizing their logistics processes with our solutions. To ensure that transactions with high volumes of data and differing formats don’t hinder business processes, we integrate suppliers, logistics service provider and clients using WebEDI or EDI. See more on Operative Process Optimization

Indirect Procurement

Ongoing Procure to Pay Process

If demand processing goes beyond simple online catalogs, new concepts are required. 40% of our customers are already using the successful methodology of directly purchasing indirect materials and services. With POOL4TOOL Streamlined make it easy to procure all types of demands with a single shopping cart, a single RFQ, and a single workflow system that covers everything from the PREQ to the invoice. See more on Indirect Procurement

Product Development Process

Early Process Integration with Purchasing

As the only web-based SaaS solution for Product Lifecycle Costing (PLC), POOL4TOOL supports the manufacturing process across multiple departments and company boundaries, and involves purchasing early on. The uniform calculation basis helps to identify cost drives and speeds up the development process significantly. See more on Product Development