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POOL4TOOL Supplier Portal

The production sector is also following the growing trend of using IT solutions and supplier portals to optimize sourcing processes. POOL4TOOL has become a critical tool for many global and regional purchasing organizations.

What is the POOL4TOOL Supplier Portal?

Our customers use POOL4TOOL solutions to improve their souring processes and to facilitate transparent communication with their suppliers. The portal is a web platform that is easily accessible anytime, worldwide with any web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari,etc.). The POOL4TOOL Supplier Portal is your central interface to your customers - from the initial contact up until the final invoice. 

Companies can use POOL4TOOL to create a central platform, from which they can standardize processes companywide and where they can share important information. Some POOL4TOOL solutions are only available for purchasers (e.g. commodity management), but many others support tactical and operative sourcing processes as well as communication with suppliers, such as Requests/OffersOrders, or Complaints.

The Processes in Detail

POOL4TOOL’s solutions also support suppliers throughout the entire period of collaboration with the customer; from the first presentation of their services, through the award of a contract, and up to the final billing. In addition, POOL4TOOL’s solution portfolio also overs several important processes for quality control, for example: sampling the initial sample, issuing special releases, or managing complaints.

Your Advantages as a Supplier

Whether for RFQsindividual ordersdelivery call-offs from a year-long contract, or the invoicing process, you can use POOL4TOOL’s solutions to simplify and clarify the entire process from the first contact all the way to the final invoice. Whether you are a supplier for special parts for production, a catalog supplier for C-parts, or a distributor with full EDI integration: As a supplier, you have many options for communicating with your customers using POOL4TOOL. Our users come from a variety of branches and sectors, and are all active on our platform. More than 150,000 transactions on average are completed daily on POOL4TOOL. Using the platform POOL4TOOL will standardize your processes. Documents and information is all centrally located - and always kept up to date. 

Full Benefit, Free of Charge

As a supplier, you can use all of POOL4TOOL’s WebEDI processes for free, e.g. when you receive a request or an order from your customer, and then return your offers, contract confirmation, or advanced shipping notice. You will then receive access via the POOL4TOOL web platform.

You also have the option of connecting your ERP system with POOL4TOOL to set up a continuous end-to-end process with your customers. In this case, we would help you to complete the back-end integration, and would set up an EDI connection with POOL4TOOL and with your customers.