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The POOL4TOOL Network

Due to the high level of market penetration of POOL4TOOL’s supplier portal, many of our new customers find that their most important suppliers are already on the platform. More than 100,000 suppliers worldwide from a diverse range of sectors and branches are already connected through POOL4TOOL.

If you, as a supplier, have multiple customers with whom you would like to communicate on POOL4TOOL, this means that you only need to connect to the customer portal once, and that no further onboarding is necessary. The data from your supplier profile can be easily transferred so that each successive rollout can proceed quickly and easily.

Advantages of the POOL4TOOL Network

  • One POOL4TOOL account for all customer portals
  • Fast and easy rollout for multiple POOL4TOOL customers
  • No doubled entries
  • Better visibility within a company – The LinkedIn for Suppliers

Additionally, we also offer you the possibility to present your products and your company to a greater number of purchasers online using the market place. You can also create business relationships and secure new markets.

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