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Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability

Every Week A New Supply Chain Scandal

Would you like to work with ethical, environmentally-friendly suppliers?

No company would like to see its products and its brand associated with pollution or slavery. Corporate Social Responsibility is a key concern for supply chain

Ethical Supply Chain Made Easy

POOL4TOOL integrates ethics and CSR ratings for suppliers deeper into its software than any of its competitors. It works together with EcoVadis, the industry experts on rating supplier ethics.

When and where you need it: CSR intel can be integrated into SRM, SCM, and eSourcing when and where you need it.

Worldwide coverage: EcoVadis scorecards cover the environmental, ethical, and social practices of suppliers across 110 countries, with 20,000 companies in 150 industries.

React fast: Set alerts and notifications triggered by events and trends. So you can react as soon as negative CSR assessments appear in your supply chain. You can also assess risk when sourcing and selecting suppliers, to make informed decisions.

Enforce CSR compliance: You can integrate the ratings with POOL4TOOL SRM so that when you block a supplier, you block them across all your connected systems. Enforcing Corporate Social Responsibility has never been this easy.

What You Get When You Use EcoVadis Data in POOL4TOOL

  • The deepest integration of CSR scorecard data on the market
  • View information alongside a wide range of other Procurement and supply chain factors
  • Updated by experts in real time
  • Alerts and actions if a supplier’s CSR rating changes 

Download the factsheet now to discover more about CSR Ratings Integration.

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