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Analytics | KPI Highlights

  • ERP and POOL4TOOL Database Analysis: 
    With POOL4TOOL Analytics you can easily analyze and display information from other POOL4TOOL modules (Purchase Orders, eSourcing/RFQ, Initiative Management, and the SRM information system). You can also use POOL4TOOL Analytics as an intelligent addition to SAP BW to evaluate dynamic data and master data.
  • Key Figures and Display: 
    The following KPI’s, and others, are available to you: revenue and price development, delivery reliability, missed delivery dates, product quality/ppm, and Top 5 (Top 10) evaluations. All KPI’s can be filtered by period, plant, suppliers, commodity, material or other criteria. The display (2D or 3D view) depends on the KPI and will be in the form of a table, bar graph, line graph, dot plot, pie chart, a combination chart, or a measurement indicator.  

  • Flexible Reports Instead of Standard Templates: 
    Instead of using predefined standard templates, each user can use POOL4TOOL Analytics to create individual reports with the information that they need. In addition, data can also be taken easily from existing QlikView portals and added to POOL4TOOL so that suppliers can also have access to it.