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Supplier Qualification & Classification

Having Problems?

Do you find it difficult to recognize the best suppliers early on? Is it difficult to manage different priorities for different categories in supplier selection?

Introducing Intelligent Supplier Qualification & Classification

POOL4TOOL Supplier Qualification & Classification helps you easily assess if suppliers fit your needs. You can then classify them to be sure that you manage them the right way.

You can pull any supplier information you already have into assessments. Then, you can use several criteria to classify your suppliers. So you can make better decisions in category management and sourcing. This can also be rolled out to your whole supply base.

Discover These Powerful Features

  • Full assessment of suppliers
  • Recommendation engine that pre-classifies suppliers and speeds up the process
  • Connect with downstream processes for consistent SRM
  • Record and trace past activities in the tool

Download the factsheet now to learn more.

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