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Master Data Management | MDM

Having Problems?

Is your supplier data chaotic and out-of-date? Do duplicates and old information cause mistakes? Do you have to enter the same information into different ERPs?

Not only is this frustrating - it could prevent you from seeing your true spend.

Introducing Intelligent Master Data Management

pure Master Data Management creates a clean supplier base as a foundation for all your supplier activities. The module cleans and helps you to avoid duplicates and common sources of error. This reduces the costs that arise from incorrect data. Even better, it establishes a system that continuously prevents errors.

Avoid mistakes before they happen: Use D-U-N-S numbers as unique supplier identifiers in POOL4TOOL. The Dun & Bradstreet look-up feature avoids misspellings of company names. You can effortlessly keep company data always up-to-date.

The same data everywhere:The module ensures that data is current and correct everywhere. It harmonizes data by pushing it via a dedicated interface to your ERPs & systems. This helps you identify your spend for all your suppliers worldwide, so you can target global savings.

Discover These Powerful Features

  • Multi-ERP integration
  • Golden record concept so that all your data is harmonized
  • Tools to eliminate duplicates and prevent new duplicates

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