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Contract Management

Having Problems?

Are you losing incentives and rebates because of poor contract management?

For over 80% of companies, just locating contracts is a major concern. Even for companies using solutions, managing contracts is difficult. This is because the solutions do not connect to ERP.

Introducing the Intelligent Contract Management Solution

pure Contract Management is the only solution for Direct Procurement that integrates with ERP to give you real-time alerts. Integrating with ERP helps you save time, keep track of spend, and stay on top of incentives, penalties, and rebates. By ensuring your negotiated terms are fully and quickly implemented and tracked, the module helps your contracts follow through into savings.

Discover These Powerful Features

  • Spend up to 70% less time processing contracts
  • Implement new contracts and their savings faster
  • Track and monitor rebates and incentives
  • Identify opportunities to terminate or re-source a contract
  • Implement a closed loop contract lifecycle

Download the factsheet now to learn more.

Integrate For Even Better Results

  • Supplier Database: A central supplier management system for your employees.
  • eProcurement: So that a negotiated contract offers the best basis for an eCatalog.
  • ERP Contract Management: Transfer contract data directly from the ERP system.