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Vendor Managed Inventory Highlights

  • Inventory Report: 
    As a precursor to VMI, POOL4TOOL Inventory Report offers buyers the option to display an overview of stock (e.g. of a consignment warehouse) from ERP in POOL4TOOL. This makes it possible to determine which stock inventories a supplier has access to, including increases or decreases in stock items, which allows the supplier to follow inventory trends and plan production early.
  • Bottle Neck Monitor: 
    Creating your own working inventory for your fund managers and suppliers increases planning security for everyone involved and makes it easier to identify supply bottle necks early.
  • Automatic Alerts: 
    If the target limits have been exceeded or have not been reached, POOL4TOOL will generate an automatic warning notification that will be sent as an e-mail to the supplier and the buyer.
  • Demand Simulation: 
    In order to test various supply scenarios, POOL4TOOL offers its own simulation function that also allows you to take the stock inventory patterns for certain quantities and/or delivery dates into account when planning your own deliveries.
  • Complete Supplier Integration: 
    If a supplier plans a delivery based on the predicted demands of a customer, an order will be sent to them automatically and can also be transferred directly to their ERP system. In addition to this the supplier can see if the customer has received the shipment directly in POOL4TOOL or they can create a purchase order attachment and/or an advanced delivery note from the VMI overview.
  • 360° Supplier View: 
    You also have the option to view the information from the VMI module in the 360° Supplier view in POOL4TOOL SRM.