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WebEDI for Purchase Order Management (POM) | Highlights

  • Early warning system: 
    The integrated and automatic monitoring of purchase orders in POOL4TOOL eliminates the need for the constant manual monitoring of various deadlines. As part of the system, POOL4TOOL sends automatic email notifications if a supplier has not opened or updated a purchase order by a given deadline. Purchasing can then react accordingly and in a timely manner.

  • Entering goods receipts: 
    In POOL4TOOL the purchaser can easily enter received deliveries and record them automatically in ERP. This significantly speeds up the processing of received goods for C-parts in particular.

  • SAP order form: 
    POOL4TOOL has developed a function module for SAP that converts the original version of the purchase order’s SAP form to PDF so that any individual client’s additions to the order can also be sent along to the supplier. The suppliers can use the simple form to change data such as quantity or deadlines directly in the system. They can also enter additional information such as comments or notes and send it back automatically to your SAP system. The function is very user-friendly for the supplier.

  • IDoc monitoring: 
    As the only SRM provider on the market, POOL4TOOL offers an automatic IDoc monitoring system. This means that after a purchase order or order confirmation has been submitted, a notification will be sent automatically to ERP, and the document’s submission status will then be displayed using a stoplight format. This makes it easier for individual departments to monitor their own procedures, which reduces the amount of time IT has to spend on checking for errors.

  • Document integration
    Documents and diagrams connected to an ERP purchase order can be transferred to POOL4TOOL at any time so that suppliers can access them.

  • 100% supplier connection: 
    Suppliers who do not have a permanent POOL4TOOL account can use automatically generated TAN codes to access purchase order forms directly from their browser and can then submit their order confirmation. This makes POOL4TOOL the only application on the market that connects you electronically to all of your suppliers, not just the most important ones.

  • Back-end integration: 
    Suppliers who receive multiple purchase orders per day can connect their own ERP system to POOL4TOOL with the assistance of our subsidiary POOL4TOOL EDI powered by GDB. This establishes a 1:1 EDI connection (Electronic Data Exchange) that enables automated data exchange between different computer systems. Suppliers who do not have EDI capabilities can also be connected via EDI.

  • 360°Supply Base Overview: 
    You also have the option to display an overview of current and completed orders and/or order confirmations in the 360°Supply Base Overview in POOL4TOOL SRM.