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Audit Management Highlights

  • Flexible Surveys: 
    POOL4TOOL Audit Management is based on a flexible survey, meaning that you can easily change it to reflect your specific needs and preferences.
  • Self-Assessment vs. Audit: 
    In order to compare the supplier’s self-evaluation with your own audit results, you can also send the audit survey to the suppliers via POOL4TOOL, and compare their results with your own automatically. Any deviations will be highlighted and can be entered and saved immediately, along with any necessary improvement measures. These must be completed by the suppliers.
  • Weighting: 
    In order to increase the significance of your audit findings, you can assign an individual score or weight to each response in POOL4TOOL.
  • Supplier Score Sheet: 
    The audit results can be sent to the suppliers in the form of a score sheet.
  • Comments: 
    General positive and negative comments can be added to each supplier’s audit sheet.
  • Workflow-based Processes: 
    POOL4TOOL’s Workflow Management makes it easy to collect and distribute all relevant information efficiently.
  • Rejecting Suppliers:
     You can easily categorize and classify on any grounds for rejecting a client in POOL4TOOL’s Audit Management.