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Initial Sample Inspection Report Highlights

  • Full ERP Integration: 
    You can exchange relevant quality control notifications between POOL4TOOL and ERP using special interfaces that have been set up for this purpose.
  • PPAP for Each Plant: 
    POOL4TOOL helps you set up and direct separate PPAP processes for each plant.
  • Integrated Project Management: 
    The integrated Project Management allows you to link PPAP activities with follow-up activities, and makes monitoring and processing easy.
  • Reminders: 
    The integrated reminder system reduces the amount of necessary monitoring by employees. Overdue activities and/or milestones that have not been reached will be flagged immediately. Notifications can be configured for each individual action point.
  • Include Suppliers: 
    The supplier can be given authorization to access the portal, and will then be able to upload documents, and easily complete all necessary steps online.
  • Traffic Light Overview: 
    A traffic light status will be generated for each phase, to indicate the progress towards completing milestones and activities.
  • Documentation:
    All results and decisions from inspection reports can be found in one central location.
  • Time Tracking: 
    The time needed to complete individual tasks and checkpoints can be recorded if desired.