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Procurement Project Management

Having Problems?

Does Procurement get involved in new projects too late? Do your development projects go off track? Is communication difficult?

Input from Procurement is essential from the start of product development. But how can you do this?

Introducing Intelligent Procurement Project Management

Stay on track and on time with pure Procurement Project Management. The module has been specially developed to manage the complex demands of Procurement projects. You can bring everyone you need into the project from the start, even if they are not in your company. Help them stay on the roadmap using Gantt charts.

By keeping all project KPIs in one location, you can support project control activities. Also, the customizable dashboards and to-do lists assist each team member.

Seamless integration across POOL4TOOL modules mean that you can connect to modules such as eRFx to avoid duplicating work. You can also connect to the Product Lifecycle Costing module for cost controlling.

Here’s What You Can Do With It

  • Stay up-to-date with project and task overviews
  • Import your Bills of Materials as a file or from CAD/CAM and PLM software
  • Connect Project Management to other Procurement activities
  • Cover all project activities from project design to project monitoring
  • Bring in internal colleagues and external partners using the cloud
  • Prioritize activities based on timelines and project needs

Integrate For Even Better Results