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Document Management Highlights

  • High level of integration: 
    Speed up your processes by making documents from the Team Room accessible from all other POOL4TOOL modules. You can also integrate document management systems that are already available in the company using existing interfaces.
  • Customizable authorization concept: 
    POOL4TOOL offers an extensive authorization concept for controlling access rights. You can establish different access authorizations (read, edit, delete) at the project, object, and document levels. You can assign these access rights to as many people and/or companies as needed, and you can manage them using a customizable distribution list. Each authorization will be carefully documented.
  • Workflow-based release and approval Processes: 
    Workflows help you distribute tasks involving the creation or editing of documents. In addition, you can also create multi-step release and approval processes to monitor changes made to documents according to set rules. Document changes will become active in the Team Room once the development manager and the individual(s) responsible for manufacturing have cleared and approved them.
  • Automatic notifications: 
    If a document is changed in POOL4TOOL’s Team Room, everyone who has access to these documents will receive an automatic email notification. The recipients can then electronically confirm that they have seen the changes. The confirmation that the notification was sent, as well as the confirmation itself will both be documented and saved in this way.
  • Automatic updates for public documents: 
    You can use your own web services to access documents marked as “public” in the POOL4TOOL Team Room from your content management system. This means that you do not need publish document changes on your homepage every time a change is made, because they will be incorporated automatically.