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Spend Management

Having Problems?

Do you lack insight into your spend? Is it difficult to develop strategy because of this?

It is impossible to develop the right strategy without a clear view of your spend. So you could be making the wrong decisions and missing savings.

Introducing Intelligent Spend Management

pure Spend Management is an intuitive spend management system. It drills down into spend across Purchase-to-Pay. This includes purchase order volume, invoice volume, payment terms, and more. The module enables professional analysis for A, B, and C, parts, as well as services. In addition, you customize standard reports using drag and drop. Reports are also available as a table of a graph.

You can identify key stakes, repetitive purchases, unwanted purchases, and much more. So you can develop the right strategy for your eProcurement. What's more, with ERP integration, you can bring in data from different SAP tables.

Discover These Powerful Features

  • Dashboards to analyze and monitor your spend
  • Drill-down to identify trends across categories, suppliers, and organizations
  • Seamless ERP integration
  • Intuitive use with drag & drop
  • Role-based access rights to individual spend categories

Integrate For Even Better Results