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Catalog Content Management Tool

Improved Catalog Upload

POOL4TOOL offers purchasers and vendors special functions that make it fast and easy to upload catalogs and to update approvals. For this purpose, the staging area in eProcurement has been completely re-designed and the previous technology that was used to connect to catalogs has been replaced. POOL4TOOL’s Catalog Content Management (CCM) makes it even easier for vendors to upload catalogs and make them available in the format required by the purchasers.

The tool offers an overview of all catalogs that have been newly uploaded by the vendors, that need to be updated, or that have been requested by purchasers. If the buyer has saved validation requirements, the system checks if the catalog meets these criteria automatically. If there are deviations, the vendor has the option to correct them. All of the information about the catalogs is available in the staging area for the buyer to see. Based on this information, they can carry out simulations to check the effects of price changes to improve their asking price for renegotiations with the vendors.

Special Highlights

  • No installation necessary
  • User stays logged in
  • Easy, user-friendly interface
  • BMECat and XLS-Format supported
  • Serial or large-scale changes possible
  • Error report can be exported
  • Complete overview of all catalogs
  • Professional staging area with simulation function


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