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Rollout Services

The smooth and fast rollout of POOL4TOOL is a critical factor for a high degree of utilization and for the acceptance of the tool by your employees and suppliers. This is the reason why we support you with coaching services up to the go-live – which is a major reason for a successful project.

Global Rollout Support

All measures as well as the respective roles, responsibilities and deadlines are defined in the project run-up, and constantly monitored by professional rollout management. If desired, we also train your employees in accordance with the “training on the job” principle using best practices, as the skillful handling of the application additionally increases the efficiency.
To increase acceptance on the supplier side, we help you organize supplier days to display the planned processes and the application. For this, we compile the presentation documents for you together with the responsible specialty department, and gladly lend you our consultative support during the presentation of the master plan. 
Our experienced project advisors and support staff help you during the whole rollout process, with the following services, among others:

  • Rollout master plan and management
  • Purchaser coaching
  • Regular meetings (consultation hours)
  • Training concepts
  • Supplier registration and monitoring
  • Supplier onboarding, check of double entries / unambiguous identification
  • Supplier training / supplier days
  • Know-how management