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Within the POOL4TOOL Academy we unite all our workshops and  trainings. They cover topics with high practical relevance and are always tailored to the needs of the specific audience.

Practical and On Point

The aim of the POOL4TOOL Academy is the efficient exchange of knowhow for your users, key users, and system administrators. Users and key users can acquire specific expertise in basic and advanced seminars. We offer extra system administrator trainings that will allow you to adjust certain category-specific requirements. We also offer separate trainings concerning the implementation of authorization concepts and controlling cost cutting methods by means of project management. 

For special assignement in the areas of logistics optimization and purchasing control we integrate customers and experienced external consultants in our POOL4TOOL Academy. 

Your Advantages

  • Customized training content to effectively support your work
  • Compact training sessions with maximum efficiency
  • Repetition classes are possible anytime
  • Integrated learning success control
  • Identification of individual learning needs